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4 Best Desktop PCs to Buy in UK under £500 for Daily Work

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A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for regular use and can fit on or under a desk. A desktop computer uses some peripheral devices, such as keyboard and mouse to perform all of its functions. The first desktop computer was designed and developed in 1974 and right from that era, the desktop computers are using for different purposes at different places. The importance of Desktop PCs we can get by the preliminary results by Gartner, Inc according to which PC shipments reached 275 million units in 2020. It was increased to 4.8% from 2019 results and the highest growth in the last 10 years. Users who are looking to have a desktop PC in their home, office, shops, or anywhere else, here we come with the 4 Best Desktop PCs to Buy in UK:

HP ProDesk 405 G4

HP ProDesk 405 G4

Hewlett-Packard is computer hardware, software, and IT services company that has been working since July 2nd, 1939. If you are looking to have a perfect desktop computer for your daily use then we will recommend you to Buy HP ProDesk 405.

HP ProDesk 405 is designed with the latest technology trends that can fulfill your requirements of daily tasks. It is one of the HP PCS form the ProDesk series. The PC comes with 8 GB RAM that is enough to offer you a wonderful performance. The PC comes with 256 GB storage capacity that is equal to laptops storage capacity and will allow you to have largest data storage option. AMD Ryzen 3 along with 3.50 GHz processing speed is among the latest processor types, used to build up this desktop. It allows users to use Windows 10 Pro. The desktop PC is designed in a small and attractive looking body that you can fit anywhere in your home or offices. HP offers its users HP Desktop PCs in a reasonable price range. You can get the complete specs of this device at welaptop to know whether the device is according to your requirements or not.

Lenovo V50s07IMB SFF Desktop PC


Lenovo V50s 07IMB


Lenovo comes under the list of the world’s best computer hardware electronics manufacturers. Lenovo was founded in 1984 and since then, it has been offering its users amazing products with the modern features and the latest technology trends. When it comes to talk about the desktop PCs, Lenovo has made its users facilitated by all the means. Today, we can find a variety of Lenovo PCs. But now, we come with the suggestion to Buy Lenovo V50s 07IMB SFF Desktop PC.

This core i5 PC comes with all the features and technology that you may need to fulfill your daily tasks in your educational institutes, work places, and even at home.

Here we show some noticeable feature of this device to make you know the reason behind its endorsement. It is one of the Lenovo Desktop PCs that come under Lenovo V series, the latest series of Lenovo computers. With 8 GB RAM, the PC offers you fastest user experience. You may have no problem of saving your data with 256 GB storage capacity. Intel Core i5 10th Gen. processor type with 2.90 GHz processing speed is used to develop this PC.

Moreover, it allows users to use Windows 10 Pro, which is the latest operating system today. Intel UHD Graphics 630 is another feature that makes this PC the best choice for users who want to get amazing gaming experience along with the daily routine work.

Lenovo V50t Tower Desktop PC


Lenovo V50t


Once again we come recommend you Lenovo desktop. The reason behind this recommendation is products’ quality. Lenovo makes the things little easier for its users and this desktop is such an example of this fact. The motioned PC is one the best and latest Core i5 PCs. It comes with a tower shape that offers you more space at your desk to manage it easily.

This tower desktop by Lenovo is among the V series of Lenovo PCs. With 8 GB RAM, it gives the guarantee of fast performance. By having 256 GB hard disk, users will not have any issue of storage capacity. Today, the latest operating system is Window 10 Pro, and this PC allows users to step forward with the latest technology trends. By having this PC, users will have the benefit to use the Intel Core i5 10th Gen., the latest processor type with 2.90 GHz processing speed. Intel UHD Graphics will allow you to have a wonderful graphics and visual experience. We also recommend you to check the complete specs before going to Buy Lenovo V50t Tower Desktop PC. This will give you an idea that what exactly the device is.

HP 290 G3 SFFIntel Celeron G5905


HP 290 G3 SFF

Once again our recommendation is about HP because HP has designed amazing desktops. This mentioned desktop is among the latest desktops in the world. HP has designed this PC in tower shape that is most attractive and can also help you manage your desk effectively.

This mentioned desktop is developed with 8 GB RAM to offer you a fast using experience. To facilitate users, the desktop is designed with 256 GB huge storage capacity. A processor type of Intel Celeron with 3.50 GHz processing speed is used to offer users the latest technology experience. We recommend our users to check all the specs before going to Buy HP 290 G3 SFF Intel Celeron G5905. This will allow you to take a better decision.

The Final Thought

Indeed, desktop are still in use and are making the life of the users easier day after day. So, the first thing is that while using desktop PCs, you are not out of fusion. The second thing is that these are easy to manage and easy to use. In the last, we would like to add that these are available in the affordable prices. So, what else do you need to have to accomplish your requirements? You can check the complete specs of all these mentioned desktops here. Besides this, welaptops offers users a range of desktop PCs to help with your daily life activities.

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